Neon Airlines

Introducing boredom-free flights

Art Direction

Project brief: Create a new, digitally centered airline that disrupts the airline industry with game changing solutions, strategy and tactics.

Our solution: NEON, an airline would be focused around improving the passenger journey through entertainment.

After researching the airline industry, developing personas and mapping passengers' pain points and journeys, we positioned our airline around one simple insight - passengers are bored. We developed exclusive flight experiences, digital entertainment options, and a viral launch event to make Neon THE entertainment airline.

Pitch Book


Winter 2015

Cynthia Lu: art direction, branding, design, strategy
Anna Watson: strategy, copywriting, research, design
Gina Son: research, design, strategy
Priyanka Patil: research

All photography and most icons used/modified for mockup purposes. We do not take credit for any of the photography/imagery used in this project.