Addressing gender inequality through technology

UI/UX Design

Project brief: Address gender inequality and identity in fashion retail.

Our solution: Mxfit, an app that eliminates the pains the LGBTQ community faces when shopping in-store or online.

Mxfit is a tool that bypasses gender norms by building a supportive, confident, and creative community of unique individuals who freely express themselves through fashion. The app connects people with the clothes they want and the support they need. Mxfit uses 3D model technology to allow users to see exactly how any type of clothing will fit them, while also connecting them with other like-minded individuals. The app allows users to make clothing choices based on personal preference and not cultural standards.

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Winter 2016

Cynthia Lu: designer, strategist, copywriter
Katie Williamson: strategist, copywriter, researcher

All photography used/modified for mockup purposes. We do not take credit for any of the photography/imagery used in this project.