The Beautiful Beast

Art Direction

Project brief: Create a print/digital campaign for an automotive brand.

Concept: The Lamborghini is like a beautiful beast.

In this campaign I wanted to communicate that the Lamborghini is more than just a car; it is the embodiment of ferocious personality, artful design, and raw power. From those key characteristics, I developed my concept.

The ads: Based on this idea, I created three outdoor ads and one social media ad to visually and verbally express how each Lamborghini is like a different beautiful beast.

The app: These ads drove the viewer to download the new "Discover Your Beast" app - which used augmented reality technology to display a 3D animation of a unique beast on every Lamborghini.


Fall 2014

Cynthia Lu: art direction, design, illustration (animal illustrations), copywriting

All photography (bus shelter, billboards, iphone, lamborghini photos) used/modified for mockup purposes. I do not take credit for any of the photography/mockups used in this project.

This project is in no way associated or part of the offical Lamborghini brand.